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We love peoples and we love fashion !

That's why we always want to indulge you -our fashion lovers- with our various selection of clothings and accesories products.

Have yourself supported with our services.

Visit us directly at our boutiques located in Pasar Atum and Atum Mall (Surabaya):

RAIN  Boutique

ATOM MALL  Lantai 4 C-89

ATOM MALL Lantai 3 BB-68 

ATOM MALL Lantai 3 BB-67

Pasar atom tahap ll Lt. 3 BB 56-59

Pasar atom tahap II Lt. 3-BB 7


BB pin:  2B2BADC3
Line ID :  rainboutique
Instagram : rain_exclusive

Simply have your online shopping experience at and received our products at your home.